NECAT is a career-directed educational non-profit serving resource-limited, chronically unemployed and underemployed adults and at-risk young adults in Boston. We offer targeted job training, support and employment services to prepare our students to secure and retain career-ladder jobs in the growing food services industry.


NECAT provides chronically unemployed adults with a pathway to stable, long-term employment in the food services industry through comprehensive technical and job readiness training and individualized support and employment services.


NECAT is a catalyst for social change, helping our community’s chronically unemployed bridge the skills gap, enter the workforce and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

The Workforce Development Challenge:

Despite employment opportunities in fast growing Boston-based job markets, many under-employed adults lack the skills necessary to obtain available jobs without industry-specific training and support.  Persistent lack of access to meaningful job-training contributes to poverty, individual despair and the erosion of families and communities.

The Massachusetts labor environment has many promising opportunities ahead. The culinary arts and hospitality industries are expected to grow by 20% by 2020, providing ample opportunities for those with job-specific training.  Accessible training in support of these opportunities must be delivered to under-resourced communities and disenfranchised adults in order to fulfill the high job demand.  Barriers to access, including the high cost of training, prohibitive prerequisites, along with limited support systems, represent significant obstacles to employment and career advancement for those who need it most.

NECAT Builds Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

NECAT is delivering high-in-demand job skills at its 12,000 sq. ft.  Education and Training Center where market driven skill-building programs are developed in partnership with Boston employers and offered at no cost to Greater Boston’s under-employed.

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. Every individual, no matter his or her circumstances, deserves a chance to thrive in a world-class learning environment.
  2. Students learn best in a culture of hope, personal development, respect and fair practice.
  3. Effective learning focuses on individual needs, aspirations, interests and prior experiences.
  4. People experience success in a creative learning environment with high, but reachable expectations.

For more information contact us at 617-442-3600.