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We are thrilled that you have decided to invest in your future by enrolling in our Culinary Arts Job Training Program! As you know, NECAT students are expected to take on a lot of responsibilities during their time in the program, which include showing up every day, participating and volunteering, committing to your education, and working with us to get you a great job in the culinary field once you graduate. Here are a couple important notes for helping you succeed at NECAT.

All students must achieve at least an 85% on-time attendance rate, meaning arriving at NECAT, in full uniform, before 9:00 am for lineup and staying until class is dismissed at 3:00. It also means fully participating, whether it’s in the classroom, cooking in the kitchen or helping with cleanup. Anytime you expect to be late or absent, you should contact Elise or your Chef Instructor as soon as you can.

Student Fees:
Although we do not charge tuition, all students are required to pay a $200 fee to cover a portion of the cost of student supplies (textbooks, uniforms, knife kits, food, etc). Click here to make a credit card payment toward your fee (full or partial payments accepted) or bring cash or check with you to NECAT. Only $40 is required to be turned in before you start class.

Weather Policy:
NECAT follows the Boston Public Schools closing schedule and all closings are posted on our Facebook page.

Need to contact someone at NECAT?

Elise Brandwein, Student Services Director
(617) 442-3600 x704

Chef Jessica Asburn, Program Manager

(617) 442-3600 x721